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Snow Feb 17 2003  a Snowballs Chance 


Monday Morning, It warmed up to 18 degrees  at 9am

Back Door

Side Door

No getting mail Today

What Honda

    Poor kitty (rainbow) is snowed in also.

Monday Feb 17 2003   after-noon

Trusty oíl Bobcat.   had to find the bucket  somewhere on the farm burried in the snow.  It was out back.

The bunny is under the weather.

Monday Feb 17 2003   Evening

After tunneling my way through the mounds of snow at Ron and Monaís just to get to their front door,  I discovered some buried treasure!!  Snowballs chance beer by Frederick Brewing  old (BLUE)

Iíll bet they have this stuff burried all over their yard!!

Wow Free Refrigeration!!   just couldnít find the rainbow.

Oh My Word!

What a peaceful scene, Just befoe  I fire up the Oíll grill and make some Johnsonville Brats.

After all the hard work and play we had some Beer and Brats