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THIS is just my opinion

I   WOULD NOT  Vote   for MICKEY FYOCK (Michael ĎĎMickyĒ Fyock (R) Candidate for Frederick County md Maryland  Commissioners.

Issue 1.  He is in favor of Having water sprinklers in all new homes rural or in the city:
Good It may save a life.
a.  Bad water damage is excessive  and insurance companies hate to pay for water damage.  you may pay more.
b.  YOU loose .  now you have to pay exorbitant prices when building homes because you now have to pay for $20,000 more because of  the sprinkler system.
c.  (a solid law on smoke alarms and proper use in all homes would save more lives)  Annual Signature of certification of all properly working smoke detectors, and  enforcement should be required from all homeowners and landlords. I know of no one who would not wake up to a smoke alarm!

Issue 2.  While attending the Thurmont Volunteers firemanís carnival Jul. 2010.  A Major Safety hazard was left unnoticed.

There was a large cylinder  pressure tank of heilium(2000lbs to 2800lbs of pressure) sitting 5-10 feet into a main walkway  un- chained or securely fastened to anything,   It was at a Frederick county, candidates  Stand.      Behind the food stands.  This Helium bottle/ BOMB  was an accident waiting to happen.  If the tank was to be knocked over for any reason and the Pressure valve were to break off.  The tank would then turn into a self propelled rocket/bomb.   Many people could get hurt.   These tanks  weight about 80 lbs and once moving   could due some serious damage to property and had endangered  1,000ís of people at the event.
  When  mentioned that the tank was supposed to be properly secured in a safe manner, the candidate had a Benign  response.  I asked if there was any one around familiar with safety,  and there was a retired police officer next table over.   Q -Isnít there no safety checks of the premise for the carnival?   The candidate said  that the safety officer of the fire department carnival grounds  had just been through 1 hour before. 

This candidate had no real concern about the safety issue of the (Tank Bombs), until I was insistent. the  tank was to be held securely and then fastened properly.  And until I get the heck out of the carnival grounds.  I donít want to be involved in the possible accident!

The lack of knowledge about hazardous containers suggest to me that the person either never took any classes on safety, or slept through them.   OSHA   what.  

This candidate puts safety  FIRST ? ? ? ? ?

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Why I would not vote for Mickey Fyock  as a candidate for Frederick County commissioners.