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Best Buy Tv, Computer Games problems Returns Policy Privacy Drivers License Data Rape Identity Theft

Stay away from Best Buy,  Bad return Policy and Probable Data mining

Drivers License required for Returns, if you have any faith in privacy you Better Protect  yours,  Unless you are totally Ignorant and submissive.

In that case you should just suck up and allow anyone to have sex with you, you are now being raped by data mining company’s and best buy.

They are demanding/ raping you of personally identifiable data, and who knows how you can you prevent Identity theft if you are so stupid to submit  to this data (date) rape from best buy.  

Dont buy form Best Buy  and tell your friends Not To  if you have any and call or complain to best buy  or your credit card company.


I know  La Di Da  la!!  La   the Government will save you !

     Think again   YOU ARE the GOVERNMENT.

 Become  a true Citizen who has RIGHTS and get off your  BUTT!

oops!!!    Wait!    I am to busy  running to the  SOCKER practice,  to take care of the real concerns for my children.

Who Cares   my children will take care of me , or I got lots of money,    etc.

YOU WILL BE Raped  by that bad  attitude.