Foto Cards

Dont buy a gift card,

JUST SAY NO! to gift cards

      Gift Cards Are Evil 

*They're the best insult money can buy.


What do you buy when you're too lazy to find a real present?

 Probably buy a gift card!

Impersonal, nondescript, infinitely malleable slice of plastic.

Oh Yippie!  I got a 20 dollar gift card from (Joe)  oh now I am obligated to give them (Joe) a  20 dollar gift card.

 Stop the Nonsense!

Here are some of the reasons NOT to buy or get a Gift card:

1.  The businesses thrive on Pumping gift cards because they know that 33+ percent of them never get used.

 Therefore the Businesses automatically make 33 percent Profit.


2.  Businesses put restrictions on most of the cards and they  usually expire.

 This brings profits on those businesses selling the cards to over 40 percent profit automatically.

Because most consumers received them as gifts, They are to unwilling to complain.  I WILL Let the person know > Id rather have cash!

3.  Vendors of gift cards know   that a High percentage of all cards get lost, stolen or expire.

   This makes gift cards an automatic profit on an average of nearly 40 percent. without any product whatsoever.

Why should you buy a gift card!


  You should be able to find a gift of something thoughtful, something the person has mentioned they needed.   If they are any kind of a friend, you should know exactly what they need, want or like. 


 I give gifts because I want too.

Gift giving because I am obligated during the holidays is B AH! HUMBUG !

   A gift card has a value on it,   So who is fooling who!

  Show some imagination and give a universal gift that the person can spend anywhere, CASH.   That way they dont have to purchase the item at a particular store or a preset time frame.

2.  If you still want to give that person an impersonal gift card,  make sure it is an establishment that they frequently patronize and the terms of the cards are reasonable and simple.  Or maybe just give them the cash or a check, after all, the value of a gift card  is no secret and you both know what their worth!!!

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