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My Problems with ACH Transfers and  HSBC and WTdirect

Dont use on-line banking with (ACH) Automated Clearing House.

Don’t do Bank to Bank transfers using this method

As of now, here are 2 banks that I know of to avoid:  HSBC  WTDirect,   “These are my experiences”

Why? : because of the communications they send you through email when you do a bank to bank transfer, ACH ., they send personal  bank informaiton.

Say What!   Yep ACH uses your email address to send you correspondence that is unsecure.

Here is an example:

Dear JOHN SMITH  This is to notify you that your recent Bank to Bank Transfer request is in process.
Item #:  34148762
Amount: $552,571.14
From: HSBC Bank, Savings
To: Wilmington Trust, WTDirect Savings
The funds will be transferred into your destination account within approximately threebusiness days. You will receive another email from us as soon as the funds have beendeducted from the account you requested.If you have any questions or concerns about this Bank to Bank Transfer request, please contact us at 1-877-982-5483, Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 11:00pm,Saturday, 9:00am - 1:00pm.

So why the Gripe you say!

Lets say,  WoW !   you had 500k,  you transferred or transferred to you.

First of all, it makes you a target for all kinds of fraud!

Remember anyone Internet savvy could probably read the email. and then send you

Phishing emails.

Right!   you have never had an application for 51st bank or an Ebay second chance offer.!

How would you like your kids or you boss read the email, accidentally or on purpose?

How bout the computer repair guy! or others, it is unsecure.

Dont you think you are being set up by ACH transfers,    They must not have no rules!

Sept. 11th   happened because you thought the government was taking care of you.  (these key words were added (Sept 11 th) to show you how the government now watches for those keywords)

  How about the one of those good government people to  Help me with this (and help me fix the problem)  so that  we can avoid a computer and financial breakdown  and keep innocent people from getting screwed. 

On line banking is great!    but there sure are some(many) Idiots in the Banking regulation business.

DONT get me started!

What do we need to do?      Fix the problem:

Now I am going into name calling!

HSBC, WTDIRECT, and many other banks are breaking EMAIL ethics rules with there on line communications.

All correspondence from any financial institution should have: No clickable LINKS.

You should log in directly, using the URL (web address)

People have learned to be idiots and click on any clickable links  especially in  Phishing emails.

 If there were no clickable links, the people would learn how to use the web URLs and type in the web addresses correctly. 

Ok to sum it up ACH has created a  back door for a banking industry. 

Lets get on them and fix the problem. not punish the people with some stupid extra worthless security, and patriot act BS

Americans need to wake up   Press 1 for English,   My ASS.

Press 1 if you refuse to do it the American way,   English is our language.
BOYCOTT  the companys who treat you inferiour 

Any more!  email me

I know,  Your too busy tied up with yourself! 

Get back to the ball game and TV.