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Invacare Lynx SX-3 Electric Scooter


Used Scooter,  Good batteries Runs Great  $700 obo. The above is just a Search Enginge Key  (Note: Scooter  doesnt Move, Needs Worm Gear and Drive bushing.  Transaxle is Broke) Presently, Looking for parts.  This is just a test, and was wondering how many others have the same problem with the PHM Transaxles,  They are made by Pihslang Machinery Co  Ltd.   They have no web page and cannot prder parts

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Broken shaft in transaxle of the Invacare Lynx SX-3.  The small Bearing was bad probably from Day 1 causing the shaft to wear and eventually stop working.

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The above items are for sale Near Thurmont, md, north of Frederick, Maryland.