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Parrot Scarlet Macaw for sale


We are having to part with our 17 year olds.  These scarlets are Hand raised, hand fed from chicks.  They were domestically bread and raised..  They do not swear, Whistle, or talk any bad language.  It is time to send our kids away, as if they were going to college.  We hate to part with them but it is time.   We are asking $1,500 each with their large  6’ Wrought Iron Cages.  They are  happy and healthy.  You may call  me at   We do not intend to ship, you must see and pick up. 




Skyler has and answer for everything,

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Pretty Mama’s boy Who will show off his Mocho-ness

Tiger, Rar Rar Rar

The above Parrots are for sale Near Thurmont, md, north of Frederick, Maryland. Tame Talking hand rased scarlet macaw, Greenwing macaw, Male, Female, pair, egg laying, pet, yellow nape.

Gw  Loves to be petted and scratched. and will sit out all day without destroying things. She also makes a great nut cracker, she will crack open nearly any nut for you, she only likes peanuts, Walnuts, pecans, Shellbarks.  She doesn’t like almonds, Filberts.