came about because   My personal website got filled up.

 I love to shoot pictures and they take up allot of space.

This website began on 01-10-03.    and is my host.

I now have 300meg to put photos on,  for sale and your enjoyment.

All comments are welcome.

Contact me at (f o t o b u f f   a t   f o t o b u f f   d o t   c o m ). (Spaces added for anti spam)

I have been shooting Photographs since I was about 10, but have never sold any of them, until last year when I made the (cover of the Rolling Stones) as I would put it.  It was not really the cover of the rolling stones but it was a famous beekeeping supplier catalogue.  Mann lake Ltd.  Who prides themselves with good quality advertising and graphics and  the industry’s finest Beekeeping  and Candle making equipment and supplies.

About my camera and Equipment. 

 About 5 years ago I started using digital cameras. Starting with a CasioQv10, 640x480 rez camera and a Mac computer. 3 months later I purchased a Casio qv-5000 which was 1.2 mega pixel and shot nice digital shots.  I then started using my pc with 3 monitors, for photographs (IBM Clone, homemade and windows98).    My printer was an Epson stylus color 800  and used it a few years, it printed great.

A year or so later I could afford a Nikon cp 800 digital camera.  It is a nice portable, durable 2 megapixel camera,  and used it to shoot many of the photos on my webs.

As of the last 2 years I have been using a Coolpix 990.  which is 3.34 megapixel and has a swivel head.  It is the most versatile  and durable camera I have owned.   I have been researching the new ones but they all have some bad features.  I like the use of AA nmh rechargeable (1800 Mah) batteries.  They are inexpensive and at most stores now and last longer than Alkaline.  I am hooked on Lexar Digital CF cards because of there fast USB transfer rate with jumpshot.  I have recently bought some 256 Mb 4x cards on ebay for  about $45 ea.  I needed more shots because my 80 meg only held 51 shots in Hi quality and I would run out of Digital film in the middle of a good session.  The 256m cards give me aprox 161 shots in HI compression,  and 641 in basic, which is good quality for 90% of everything.  I picked up a Epson stylus color 860 printer about a year ago when Lightning took out my 800.  It prints superb on Epson Photo paper.

I use after market cartridges from High Resolution at Computer shows  1 color 1 black for about 8 bucks.

Spring 2004.

I have been in search of a nicer and better camera than my Nikon Coolpix 990.   I am looking for some speed now because of the “wait for the shot” Latency.

I have been studying the new releases and haven’t been able to find a camera that fits my exact needs.  

The first contender was a Sony F828.

It has lots of features that I wanted: Swivel angle lens, sealed all in one lens.

8 Megapixel, Fast turn on time, Reasonably fast shooting, Compact flash card slot. active LCD display with Focus zoom. easy to handle .

It would have been a winner accept for the 8mp sensor problems,

purple fringes and a few other things on image quality.

The second contender was the Nikon 8700,  nice camera but not much more to my liking than the 5700,  which is a great shooting camera.

The third contender was the Fuji s7000 which is pretty nice and has its ups and downs but for 400 bucks I decided to keep as a nice backup.

6 Megapixel. standard AA batteries. This camera has good lowerlight sensitivity than my D-70 and works great to shoot many shots that the d70 chokes on in low light.

The fourth contender was the Canon 10d.  A very accurate DSLR

and everything was reasonable and Had the most color accuracy of any!

Didn’t care  for the ON switch location and slow turn on time. and some of the built in flash controls and menus

The fifth and Final so far,   Nikon D70 kit.

It comes with a 18-70mm lens.

The camera feels the best of all to handle, the power ON is easy and fast (instant) Shooting is quick,  Layout is user friendly.  In my tests the Color is not as accurate as the 10D but most of the features are nicer. The Nikon is much more easy to use in auto mode and seems to shoot better (Out of the Box)   There are pluses and minuses with all cameras  but I still don’t like having to bend  or whatever to look through the eyepiece of the DSLR but I have no choice to get the speed.   I don’t like Nikons backwards Screw on and off the lens, it is a pain. 


10-2004  Life is a little better!  Well for flexibility the Nikon Coolpix 990 is still on top.  And still is the best for macro close up photography because of its close proximity of its flash and its wonderful depth of field.  For my close ups I set the flash to -2 Power and add 3 pieces of Scotch tape over the flash and set it to manual focus at (.16) and mid zoom.


The Nikon d70 is now getting used. 

I have a note for the DSLR users about Dust on the sensor.

When changing lenses do it in a plastic bag if outside,  or a dust free room if you have one at home. 

Only change them sparingly or not at all.


New Lens  -  Phoenix 100 mm Macro!  My latest purchase is a Phoenix Macro. These things run about $120 for the d70.  I read a few write ups about them and thought I’d give it a try.  yes the lenses are built light and cheap, but seem to perform Great  as far as photographs go, it is nosy Motor (at Full Macro Zoom’d in) and loose feeling but not that much worse than the Sigma 105 and 1/3 the cost  even thought it is Noisy and flimsy feeling, I am happy, the shots get me closer to the quality of my cool pix 990 and the big plus is the lens is small enough in diameter compared to sigma’s that I can use the cameras built in flash  for the macro shots ( a major improvement)  it works good even with the 1:1 diopter lens that came with it.   Still don’t have the wonderful depth of field as the 990 but I can shoot many rapid shots with the macro zoomed in and flash on  aprox 1-2fps. with flash.   I’m Happy.

I have also purchased a Phoenix Ring Flash RL-59n.  The one I received has a mechanically defective  hot shoe pin and wont work in auto. but in manual it works nicely.    More later!



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